MiCIA congratulates Michigan’s first adult-use license recipients

LANSING – This week the state issued the first adult-use recreational marijuana licenses. The Michigan Cannabis Industry Association (MiCIA), which represents member businesses in both the medical and adult-use recreational market applauded the fast process and how efficiently the state’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency was implementing the will of the people.

“We are incredibly proud of Exclusive Brands, PSI Labs and Event Organizer Tom Beller,” said Robin Schneider, Executive Director of the MiCIA. “Each of these companies have worked so hard to get to where they are. We support them wholeheartedly and celebrate their accomplishment”

The MiCIA recently voiced concerns over the state’s decision to allow up to 50% of medical marijuana to be transferred over to the recreational market when many medical products remain sparse but acknowledged that the MRA has been working hard to review and approve license applicants.

“While our concerns remain, it’s important to clarify that we acknowledge, celebrate and support the state’s first recreational companies, and say, well done,” Schneider continued. “We plan to continue working on this to ensure that cities like Detroit, which has not opted in yet, do not end up with a further depleted medical inventory as an unintended consequence.”