Strength, Unity, Dignity

On behalf of myself, Primitiv, and Michigan Cannabis Industry Association (MICIA), we strongly denounce this latest murder of a black man by police. Our condolences go to George Floyd’s family for another senseless, tragic loss at the hands of those sworn to protect and serve. It is past time for our government and law enforcement agencies to be held accountable just as us citizens are. Far too long people of color have been disproportionately brutalized by law enforcement and robbed of a future.

That is why I’m calling for immediate oversight on police engagements to combat racism’s effect during policing.  I’m also calling for the end of use of excessive force on our citizens by implementing sweeping responsible community policing practices.

I stand with protesters and feel the desperation and exhaustion. Desperate and exhausted for solutions to an extremely important issue that, left without change, I’m afraid will resort back to civil unrest.

There once was a quarterback that risked it all to bring attention to what we are protesting and marching for today.  His dignified protest was met swiftly with controversy and scorn.  Simply because those that were rubbed the wrong way chose not to listen and turned a blind eye to systemic racism within our society. His protest was meant to bring attention to the horrors of police brutality within communities of color. Devastated by another loss to police brutality, and as our pleas for justice go unheard, I call on my colleagues to use your platform to continue to call for change.

Being a minority owner in the cannabis industry and a board member of the MICIA I’m proud to say that the Association is instrumental across the state of Michigan advocating for people disproportionately impacted by prohibition to have equal access to the industry. We have seen progress with regards to cannabis criminal justice reform and call on our elected officials to continue to expand these initiatives. This is just part of our fight for equal and fair treatment for all.

This progress gives us hope, but there is much more to be done. Michael Thompson is a prime example of this disproportionate system, currently serving 60 years for selling cannabis and whose release would be a big step towards reform. We are calling for his immediate release.

To our youth with whom our equitable future relies. Your mobilization and cries for justice will be the catalyst for real effective change in this country.  Stay strong, fight the good fight for equal rights and dignity and know when we speak with a unified voice, we can and will affect meaningful change.


Calvin Johnson

Member, Board of Directors

Michigan Cannabis Industry Association