Portal42 Brings Forward a Robust Software As An
Inquisitive Learning Program For The New Generation Of
Cannabis Professionals At Denver Community College:

The Popular Michigan-based Cannabis technology solution company Portal42, has been
known for its robust cannabis software. The team just announced offering their expert
assistance in the academic program for young cannabis students at Denver Community
college. The team is on its toes to help young and enthusiastic cannabis professionals of
Denver Community college acquire the best kind of experience in the field.
Denver Community college and Portal42 join their hands to initiate a collaboration that
seems to open doors to a triumphant academic success in Cannabis tech. Having the
assistance of Portal42 for educational practices of the young cannabis students of Denver
Community college is enormously exhilarating news for the students.
Portal42 plans to provide its best cannabis software as an exemplary storefront-focused
point of Sale system to be used by cannabis professionals. The course is an inquisitive
learning process for aspiring cannabis professionals for the all-new program called “Software
and systems requirements for cannabis business” at Denver Community college.
Also, this course aims to help the students attain access to this software by Portal42 and
utilize it to attain a hands-on learning experience that will help them, in the long run, to step
up their set of skills as cannabis professionals. As the course comes to an end, the students
are expected to be proficient with:
➔ Managing the inventories without any difficulty.
➔ Seamless ability to perform an API integration
➔ Compliant sales best practices being used in the cannabis industry
➔ Profound knowledge about Cannabis Products
➔ Be able to maximize the marketing efforts through the targeted market and ultimately
become brilliant at CRM management through a cannabis CRM software
➔ General retail software management
It is expected that students’ persistent attention and perseverance throughout the course will
make this collaboration of Portal42 a successful one. Visit Portal42 for more.