Resource Connection

The MICIA is working hard to develop partnerships and opportunities that leverage our combined buying power to benefit our members. 


Insurance solutions for Michigan Cannabis Industry Association Members

Crop failure, workplace injury, product recalls and more all have the potential to impact your business’ success. That’s why we’ve partnered with Conifer Insurance Company to help our members mitigate that risk. 

MICIA members are eligible for up to a 10% discount* on insurance products offered by Conifer Insurance Company.


I'm Your Guy At Comcast!

Team up with our local contact Garrett Smith for Comcast Business class in the Mid-West. We offer our members best available pricing and customer service.  Comcast offers a no hassle free Consultation to all MiCIA members, do not hesitate to reach out directly to get the most bang for your buck!


Compliance Reporting for Michigan Cannabis Industry Association Members

StashStock’s compliance software specializes in RFID technology and custom build hardware & software solutions for cultivators, processors and transporters. We offer modular solutions that work with existing software to maximize efficiency of your compliance processes.

MICIA members are eligible for a free year of reporting!

Michigrain Distillery

Michigrain Distillery Ethanol Discount

Are you currently using ethanol for extraction? Did you know that you must also have a separate license to buy and use ethanol? Michigrain Distillery is offering bulk purchase discounts to MiCIA members. They also have staff available to help with the licensing process. 


Save 15 percent on business services.

The MICIA is pleased to partner with Rehmann to provide discounted business services up to 15 percent off to our members Rehmann is one of the country’s leading financial service and advisory firms and is able to provide a wide range of services including areas  like accounting, human resources, and cyber security. You can stay up to date on all of Rehmann’s events and communications, for cannabis, and other industries buy subscribing below.

Perry Johnson registration food safety inc.

Get A Free Quote!

PJRFSI is giving a five percent discount on first year business for all MICIA members for cannabis safety certifications for manufactures, retails, and growers.

Total Grow Light

“MICIA10” for a 10% discount
'MICIA10' For A 10% Discount

TotalGrow Lights supports growers and their plants through extensive hands-on expertise to create the best horticultural lighting solutions in the most efficient, personalized, cost-effective way possible.

MICIA members receive 10% off with code ‘MICIA10’. Contact us for a free lighting consultation including utility incentive support



Solutions to Help You Grow!

As a member of the MICIA, you can now schedule a free no-obligation discovery call about your Human Resource and Benefits needs to grow your business and help you stay same in an every-changing environment. we help you take care of people, administration, compliance, and much more! Connect with Kevin Sheridan Today!


Grove Bags

Use Code 'MICIA' to Save 7% Off Your Total Order

Grove Bags is the industry’s leading provider of proprietary flexible packaging for the cannabis industry. They are a domestic company that meets the highest food, drug, and retail standards around the world as well as the pioneers of the both first and best terpene preservation and protection method: TerpLoc® Packaging. TerpLoc® is a globally recognized packaging solution that is used over 55 countries and every US cannabis market by premier growers who want to maintain the efface and integrity of their cannabis post-harvest during curing and storage

Grown In Learning

Required Employee Training for Michigan Cannabis Industry Association Members

The Cannabis Regulatory Agency requires Michigan operators to train employees on safety procedures, employee guidelines, Security protocols,  and educational training on product information, dosing and purchasing limits


MiCIA members are eligible to a 15% discount on employee training and industry professional development offered by Grown In Learning.


25% off Subscription Fees

Trym’s custom-built software empowers cultivation teams to increase efficiency and yields through intuitive compliance, team management and crop steering tools. Trym in integrated with numerous software and hardware systems, like Metrc, Cookies, Cresco and Lithouse Farms rely on Trym to manage their operations. 

Discount: 25% off subscription fees.