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The MICIA is working hard to develop partnerships and opportunities that leverage our combined buying power to benefit our members. 


Insurance solutions for Michigan Cannabis Industry Association Members

Crop failure, workplace injury, product recalls and more all have the potential to impact your business’ success. That’s why we’ve partnered with Conifer Insurance Company to help our members mitigate that risk. 

MICIA members are eligible for up to a 10% discount* on insurance products offered by Conifer Insurance Company.


I'm Your Guy At Comcast!

Team up with our local contact Garrett Smith for Comcast Business class in the Mid-West. We offer our members best available pricing and customer service.  Comcast offers a no hassle free Consultation to all MiCIA members, do not hesitate to reach out directly to get the most bang for your buck!

Total Grow Light

“MICIA10” for a 10% discount
'MICIA10' For A 10% Discount

TotalGrow Lights supports growers and their plants through extensive hands-on expertise to create the best horticultural lighting solutions in the most efficient, personalized, cost-effective way possible.

MICIA members receive 10% off with code ‘MICIA10’. Contact us for a free lighting consultation including utility incentive support


Perry Johnson registration food safety inc.

Get A Free Quote!

PJRFSI is giving a five percent discount on first year business for all MICIA members for cannabis safety certifications for manufactures, retails, and growers.


10% off Stock Orders

Best known for inventing the child-resistant bag used in the first ever recreational cannabis sale in 2014, Dymapak is the go-to child resistant packaging supplier for many of the largest cannabis and pharmaceutical companies in the world, where the cost of any production or supply chain issue would be immense. Dymapak stands out for its extensive experience working with the cannabis industry (9+ years) and a stellar reputation for quality and dependability.

MICIA members receive 10% off stock orders with code ‘MICIA10’. 

Contact us at for a free audit to see if we can help you meet your packaging needs.

Progress Retail

FREE Course Design from Progress Retail

Have you discovered that words don’t teach? SOPs are sensible for referencing material, but they are incredibly ineffective on instilling or changing behavior. As a new Progress Retail client, have your SOPs, PowerPoints, and other static content transformed into dynamic, on-brand learning content with quizzes and assessments – FOR FREE. Discover how leading retailers such as Birkenstock, Le Creuset, and Luxottica in addition to cannabis retailers such as Lume, Disco & Embarc decrease employee turnover, increase productivity through a unique platform for retail operations and learning.



Green genes

Free Membership + Initial Survey Credit

GreenGenes is the first user-friendly platform to pair the right person with the right product, at the right place, time, and price, using AI and human and plant genetics.  Growers, processors, brand-owners, and retailers can upload products of their choice, subsidize consumer-level surveys, and, for the first time ever, view real-time consumption past the point of sale. Consumers track their product experiences, refining recommendations while provide businesses with valuable insights into product interactions and market demand, down to the individual, so you can hear the voice of the consumer like never before.

Enter “MiCIA” in the “Referred by” section to receive a free 3-month membership, initial product survey credits, and white glove product onboarding.

GreenGenes ™ – Find Your Entourage

Lovely ladies who trim

20% off Service Fee

Step into a world of precision and perfection with the Lovely Ladies Who Trim! Our expert team of cannabis trimmers and packagers in Michigan delivers unparalleled craftsmanship. We preserve potency, flavor, and visual appeal, setting new standards in the industry. Whether you’re a small-scale grower or a commercial producer, trust the Lovely Ladies Who Trim to elevate your cannabis game. 

Discover the magic of precision trimming and packaging with the Lovely Ladies Who Trim! 

Contact us at 248-622-2564 to receive 20% off your service fee.