Michigan labs keep marijuana safe with microscopes and microwaves

Results spewed from sophisticated and expensive machines inside Michigan marijuana testing labs have a huge impact on the bottom lines of marijuana businesses.

They can make the difference between a lucrative harvest or its total destruction.

They establish how potent the products are and ensure that vaping cartridges aren’t laden with heavy metals, that marijuana is free of mold and that more than 50 different pesticides or potentially deadly salmonella aren’t in edibles.

Michigan’s stringent testing requirements are looked upon as a nuisance by some in the cannabis industry, but illustrate a main function of marijuana regulation: product safety and consistency.

“The labs are the key to health and safety and so state labs are held to a higher standard,” said Robin Schneider, director of the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association trade group. “The testing is key to making sure the products are safe and I believe that’s why the state is very serious when it comes to making sure those labs are reporting accurately and that their machines are working. Being that we’re a new industry, sometimes you have machine malfunctions and you have to get those fixed.”


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